Residential HERS Testing

Residential HERS Raters Verification and Testing

We are a highly trained company offering inspection and testing to homeowners in San Diego County and Riverside County. Our specialty is performing high-quality HERS testing and verification. From brand new construction to remodels, we pride ourselves on making sure the job is done smoothly and efficiently. There is no one who will work harder, pay more attention to detail, or take the job as serious as we do.

Our certified HERS Raters are qualified to identify-real world situations while conducting required field verifications. Our unique ability, attitude, and experience allow us to provide a friendly, hassle-free work environment. We take pride in our work ethics. Our approach is to provide permanent energy solutions by using state of the art performance equipment such as:

  • The Energy Conservatory (TEC) Duct Blaster, Blower Door, Manometer DG700, and Exhaust Fan Flow Meter
  • Alnor Flow Capture Hood or Velocity Matrix with Micromanometer
  • Testo and Fieldpiece Refrigerant Gauges & Thermometers
  • Bacharach Fyrite InTech Residential Combustion Analyzer

CA Comfort Testing is certified in the following:

Cal Energy - Alterations, New Construction, Commercial
CalCERTS - Alterations, New Construction
National Comfort Institute (NCI) - Commercial and Residential Air Balancing
Building Performance Institute - Building Analyst Professional
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Refrigerant Handling Certification

Residential Alterations Field Verifications: The below HERS tests vary from job to job based on the type of equipment installed and the climate zone. Duct Leakage (DB) Cooling Coil Airflow (CCA) Fan Watt Draw (FWD) Refrigerant Charge Airflow (RCA)

Residential Alterations
Field Verifications

The below HERS tests vary from job to job based on the type of equipment installed and the climate zone.

Duct Leakage (DB)

Leaky ducts can significantly increase electric bills, dramatically reduce equipment capacity and performance, as well as result in potentially dangerous indoor air quality problems. Leaks in forced air duct systems are a major source of energy waste in both new and existing houses. Also, duct leaks can pull pollutants and irritants into the house which create air quality problems. Testing duct leaks is extremely important if you want to maximize the energy efficiency and air quality in your home.

Cooling Coil Airflow (CCA)

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Fan Watt Draw (FWD)

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Refrigerant Charge Airflow (RCA)

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Here are some helpful links related to HERS. If you can't find what you're looking for, reach out to us, we're here to help.

Energy code Ace is a simplified website that helps us navigate through the complicated process of Title 24 part 6.

The Energy Code Ace suite of tools is designed to help you identify the forms, installation techniques and standards relevant to building projects in California.

Energy Code Ace Training Courses target a wide range of “hot topic” measures and audience groups, and are provided in a variety of formats.

Energy code Ace Resources provides resources to help facilitate effective implementation of California’s building and appliance energy efficiency standards.

The California Energy Commission plays a critical role in creating the energy system of the future - one that is clean, is modern, and ensures the fifth largest economy in the world continues to thrive.

Here is where you can find current, past and future standards for both residential and commercial buildings. has excellent resources when it comes to saving energy and money while creating building comfort.

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